Bonded By Battle: Powerful Friendships of Military Dogs and Soldiers

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What the experts say:

“Military history and dog lovers rejoice!” School Library Journal, May 2017

“Accurate and fascinating” Kirkus Reviews, April 2017

Endorsed by the Provost Marshall General of the U.S. Army

Recommended by Gabe to the Rescue

Official selection of the Ohioana Book Festival

Production funded by our Kickstarter!

For the first time, learn the whole 150-year story of how dogs and soldiers built a relationship on and off the battlefield, teaming up to become our military’s most advanced counter-terrorism weapon.

Dogs served as mascots in the Civil War and World War I, where soldiers discovered they were more than great companions. The dogs could sniff out mustard gas and booby traps, ID enemy combatants and roadside bombs.

“Outstanding book! Nancy has captured what it’s like for both the dog and handler.” — Darrell Trent, Vietnam sentry dog handler

Aaron says:

When Nancy Pimm brought this book to us, we knew we had to publish it. What shocked us was learning how the military treated these heroic dogs like shell casings — simply discarded when they were no longer of use. This led to a shameful decision at the end of the Vietnam War. We’re proud that Nancy is telling that art of the story as well. Plus, the story of the four-pound Yorkshire terrier who saved lives and cheered up thousands of soldiers in World War II! You can’t make this up.

Nancy Roe Pimm talks about the special bond of dogs and soldiers.