History Is Power – Aaron Barnhart

“Meet the Press” regarded him lightly, when it regarded him at all.

Tell the truth.

It was the original war on women.

Racially profiling immigrants is as American as cherry pie.

White historians had a blind spot.

He’s the reason we talk about the “99 per cent.”

Recent events suggest we’re forgetting how people were trained to hate and kill.

Is public TV the best value in streaming today?

“We’re charged with wanting to get rid of the Japs for selfish reasons. We might as well be honest. We do.”

“Not until years later did I grasp the real intent of this conspiracy between my dad and Rev. Trout.”

Joan Rivers was a pivotal figure in the acceptance of politically incorrect speech and weaponization of comedy.

A sex scandal. A president peddling laughable falsehoods. A nation distracted. Sound familiar?

You still have to fix it.

Frank Olson was no innocent.

Its political legacy is with us today.

That’s a lot of bad history packed into one sound bite.

And what our divided country can learn from it.